Leonor Carreira


email: lcarreira(at)igc.gulbenkian.pt

Short Bio
I first graduated in Cell and Molecular Biology at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia – Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Faculty of Sciences and Technology – New University of Lisbon). During that period I became really interested in studying the brain and the way it works. This curiosity led me to pursue a Masters Degree in Neurosciences at Faculdade de Medicina – Universidade de Lisboa (Faculty of Medicine – University of Lisbon), where I realized I wanted to know more about behaviour and, more specifically, social cognition. For this reason, I’m currently developing my master thesis at Rui Oliveira’s Lab.

Research Interests
I am interested in understanding which brain regions are connected to social behaviour by comparing social versus asocial stimuli. I also seek to understand how oxytocin modulates social cognition, focusing on biological motion. To address these questions I’m using zebrafish as a model species.